Investing For Impact

Agency Certification

Certification is the process in which agency financial and governance documentation is reviewed by community volunteers. This process helps ensure a high level of confidence that nonprofit organizations receiving impact funding meet nonprofit standards of accounting and governance.

Agencies must submit all required documentation for certification and receive approval after the United Way Review Team completes the fiscal review process. Prior to applying for funding, an agency must first be a certified partner for at least 12 months.

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How Community Impact Investments Work

Heart of Missouri United Way invests in programs at nonprofit organizations in the impact areas of health and basic needs, education, and financial stability. Our investments reach individuals and families in Boone, Cooper, and Howard Counties. Through a volunteer-led decision-making process, community investments are funded in staggered three-year intervals. United Way adjusted the funding timeline and provided a six-month interim grant to provide continuity and flexibility in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Community Impact Data/Reports

2018-2019 Community Impact Return on Investments

2019-20 Community Impact Grant Awards

This document outlines the Community Impact Grant awards for our 2019 -20 funding cycle. Nearly $296K in Impact Grants were awarded for services delivered through 10 programs at 8 partner agencies. Building on our existing Health and Financial Stability Impact grants, United Way funds a total of 49 programs delivered by 34 local agencies.

2019 Allocation Summary Document

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Health & Basic Needs


United Way funds services that strengthen the health and well-being of individuals and families who are most vulnerable. In alignment with the community, United Way recognizes four programmatic areas necessary to achieve health and well-being: (1) Basic Needs, (2) Safe, Healthy, Affordable Housing, (3) Mental Health care, and (4) Medical and Dental care.

We address the community’s health needs by targeting programs that demonstrate the following client and/or community outcomes:

  • Progress toward stability including but not limited to obtaining access to healthcare, benefits/entitlements enrollment, securing or maintaining safe shelter/housing
  • Healthy behavior, based on client goals, including but not limited to increases and maintenance of nutritious food intake and physical activity.
  • Decreases in negative health behavior, based on client goals, including but not limited to substance misuse and high-risk sexual activity
  • Measurable health improvements including but not limited to, improved and maintained blood sugar, decreased stress level, improved and maintained blood pressure, and decrease in depression.



United Way funds services that support school readiness, literacy, and academic success for the most vulnerable children in our community.

We address the community’s education needs by targeting programs that demonstrate the following childhood outcomes:

  • Enter school ready to succeed.
  • Read proficiently by third grade.
  • Make a successful transition in and out of middle school.

Financial Stability


United Way funds services that strengthen the financial stability and economic mobility of individuals and families who are financially vulnerable.

We address the community’s financial stability needs by targeting programs that demonstrate the following client and/or community outcomes:

  • Gains in skills and/or credentials needed for employment and/or increased wages.
  • Gain and sustain employment and/or increase income.
  • Increase disposable income by increasing financial literacy and/or reducing costs and/or accessing benefits.
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